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It is argued that writing is the hardest of all the four TOEFL skills to master. Whilst it is not necessarily more difficult than the other skills, students often find it hard because they do not receive quality feedback. 

Love to Learn English offers a premium essay correction service to help you increase your TOEFL writing skills and get a better score. We aim to review and correct your essay within 48 hours. 

What is included?

-Quality feedback and analysis.
-The correction of any grammar and vocabulary errors.
-Tips to help you develop your ideas, vocabulary, writing skills, academic language and structure.
-A breakdown of your performance in all assessment criteria. 
-An estimated score. 
-Materials to help you improve. 

Why risk doing the test before getting your work checked by one of our experts?

Don't do the test twice, do it right. 


STEP 1 - Send us an e-mail on
STEP 2 - Next we will send you a selection of real past paper questions to complete. 
STEP 3 - Complete the questions in your own time and then email them back to us.
STEP 4 - Finally, we will reply with your corrected essay, examiners report and learning materials.

If you have any issues we have email support at 


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