Erica - Studying for TOEFL - China

Richard’s classes were very helpful to me. Particularly, my writing skills were greatly improved thanks to the classes. Richard taught me how to write a clear structure of an essay as well as how to polish it by using advanced grammar and adjectives. More importantly, I find that I can develop a writing piece in a more logical way whenever I write in English after finishing his classes. Thus, I believe that Richard’s classes really helped me a lot not only in terms of the TOEFL exam but also towards my English ability in practice. Besides the huge benefits from the classes, the whole process of online learning from Richard is satisfying as well. Richard always gives the most straightforward explanation to questions and puzzles that I give. He also helps take notes of the class, which makes it very convenient for me to review what I learn from the class. There are many other advantages that I cannot fully list of Richard’s classes. In short, I’m glad that I took the class and thankful for Richard’s assistance to help me successfully finish my TOEFL exam.