A Brief History of ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition

This moment has been a long time coming. The technology behind speech recognition has been in development for over half a century, going through several periods of intense promise — and disappointment. So what changed to make ASR viable in commercial applications? And what exactly could these systems accomplish, long before any of us had heard of Siri?

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What is the difference between of, to and for?

Of, to and for are some of the most common prepositions in English. However, they are often confused. In this blog we explain the difference between the prepositions. At the end is a quiz for you to test your knowledge!

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How to buy yourself time in the IELTS speaking test with 8 simple phrases

Are you struggling to think of an answer during the IELTS speaking? Buy yourself some time with these 8 great phrases.

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Students Q and A Part 2: “How do I learn to speak fluently?”