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Learning English is an essential skill in the modern world. It can help you to travel, make new friends, get a better job and achieve the life of your dreams. We offer private online English courses via Skype with native speakers. Learn English anytime and anywhere. 

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Mr Richard Forrest - British

Other languages spoken: Portuguese 

"I believe, that a positive and welcoming atmosphere in class is the key to making students feel confident when using English in the real world. My goal is to help you to Love to Learn English". 

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Before meeting Richard I had been to various IELTS teachers and attempted the IELTS exam but was unsuccessful. After Richard started teaching me, within 6 weeks I passed the IELTS exam and passed with 7.0 in all categories.
Richard is a very polite, funny and professional person, and you will never feel bored when you are taking your business English classes with him.

Actually, I feel sad when the class is finished.
— Nariman Elsaqa - Egypt - Financial Analyst
I needed to take IELTS so that I could achieve my dream of working in England as an engineer. When I was studying on my own I was so confused. There are so many sources and it is hard to know where to start. I achieved my goal of a grade 8 in IELTS after just 2 months of classes.
— Nayara de Araujo - Brazil - Mechanical Engineer
An, extremely humble, polite and full of knowledge teacher. I am grateful to Richard Forrest for his kind guidance and assistance, to attain my required IELTS score. Highly recommended for IELTS preparation
— Sara Naeem - Saudi Arabia - Family Practice Physician
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Richard Forrest is a competent professional and a fabulous professor. He has an excellent technique with regards to how to learn the methodology for the IELTS test and the English language.
— Andre Sa -Brazil - Corporate Finance
Katia Valeria Antonio Oku
Richard is one of the best English teachers I’ve ever had. He is focused and extraordinarily professional.
— Katia Valeria Antonio Oku - Brazil - IT Analyst
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Richard has been teaching Academic English to me and I really enjoy his classes. His courses are flexible and built around your needs. Moreover, Richard is versed in his tools and dedicated to his work, I love his way of teaching. if you wishing to study English course from general English to business and academic English, I would highly recommend Richard.
— Yassar Hassan - Eygpt - Chairman & CEO at Misk
Richard is a professional English Teacher. He always makes me smile and his classes are very efficient. He is prepared every time, and he has plenty of experience. I am really satisfied with his teaching methods.
— Attila Berki - Hungary - Web designer


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Why are we so confident that you will Love to Learn English? That is because we have already helped hundreds of English students across the world. We have experience teaching students of all English levels and professional backgrounds. Moreover, we have successfully developed and improved the English fluency of our students. We promise to give you the confidence you need to use English in any situation! 


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Love to Learn English. We offer premium online English classes via Skype with quality Native English teachers. Learning English has never been so easy, convenient, or affordable!  

You can take classes on your mobile, tablet or laptop at any time and in any place. Classes can be taken over Skype whilst at home, work or even on vacation! 

We specialise in IELTS and TOEFL and will help you to secure your desired grade. Furthermore, we also offer classes for Business and Conversation for all levels from beginner to advanced.  


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